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Why buy a ShowerBoB shower timer?

Every time you shower, you use water, energy and a little bit of soap. We can’t help you with the soap, but our shower timer can help with water and energy.

The average time spent in the shower is around 7 minutes. ShowerBoB runs for 4 minutes. If you are metered for water, as more and more people are, together with the gas or electricity used to heat that water - you can make easy savings on your bills and take small steps to help the environment.

Oh, we almost forgot… our shower timer doesn’t use batteries, so no complications, running out of power or added expense. We use gravity and that's free forever!

Save money...

  • Take the average family of four and the savings soon add up. You can save around £300 off your annual water and energy bills.  Try our online calculator to find out how much you can save. 

Good looking...

  • ShowerBoB will brighten up any bathroom - in aqua blue and shocking pink.  Our unique shower timer hour glass is big and easy to read (70mm) - even in a steamy shower, without your glasses.

Easy and safe...

  • No need to install - just wet and stick the suction cup firmly to a clean and smooth surface, turn the timer and start to wash - ShowerBoB acts as a prompt not to spend too long in the shower.  It's shatterproof too, with no sharp angles or glass - safe for all the family.

Tame family shower hogs...

  • We can also help you save time. In the morning rush for the bathroom, keep your family shower hogs under control with a gentle reminder from ShowerBoB!  

Pays for itself...

  • So you see, for such a small and stylish fellow, ShowerBoB has many qualities. Just a small change in your daily routine can have big results. Your ShowerBoB will easily pay for itself in no time at all.

Visit our shop or Amazon.co.uk to buy yours now.