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ShowerBoB Ring, Twist or Basic?

ShowerBoB Ring

Continuing to maintain its ranking in the shower timer popularity contest, ShowerBoB Ring is a good looking shower timer, with plenty of options to brand both the product and the packaging. Easily branded ShowerBoB Ring

It's loved by our customers, who regularly come back for more.

But, we wanted to create another product, offering more choice to our customers.

We've listened to customer feedback and gone back to the drawing board to design a brand new shower timer for the ShowerBoB family.

So here it is. 

ShowerBoB Twist

Dynamic. Keeping those dashing ShowerBoB good looks. ShowerBoB Twist is still easy to see in a steamy shower.  And of course, space to include your lovely logo or a mini-message.Dynamic ShowerBoB Twist

Both ShowerBoBs come with the option to design bespoke cardboard tags to really help your message stand out.  You can read more about branding opportunities here.

To talk to us about your own ideas or needs, or for a quick response on trade prices, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you with your next campaign or retail purchase.

Basic Timer

Our small basic 4 minute timer is ideal for campaigns with smaller budgets that do not require the level of branding offered by our Ring and Twist timers.

We can still tag these, they look great with a "business card" size bespoke tag. Excellent value, simple design, please contact us for cost and branding options for your next campaign.