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Why save water?

The bigger picture

Yes it's been wet.  It's rained like it's never rained before.  But, as the climate changes we are going to experience more extreme weather, and that means more floods and more drought.

Surprisingly, considering the recent weather in England and Wales, water isn't as abundant as many of you might think.  We have less water available per person than in France, Spain and Italy.  In the southeast of England there is less water per head than Sudan. 

Water-saving behaviour

Whilst recycling and reducing waste is fast becoming the norm in many households, we believe the same will gradually happen for water conservation. With rising costs and increasing scarcity of water due to demand, we need to stop taking water for granted and start taking steps to reduce our water consumption - particularly given the increasingly clear links between water and the energy used to pump, treat and, in particular, to heat it.

At ShowerBoB we continue to support the efforts of water companies, commercial organisations, charities and universities who want to directly engage with people and encourage sustainable behaviour change.

Prompts to help behaviour change

Imagine if every household installed energy saving light-bulbs throughout.  That would be great for the environment, wouldn't it?  Well, no. Not if they left the lights on day and night.  People need to change their behaviour too.

Simple, regular prompts are a proven effective element of social learning – cues that remind people to carry out an action that they might otherwise forget to do. To be effective, prompts should be used when people are already pre-disposed to doing an activity and just need to be reminded to do it.

Prompts need to:

  • - Be eye-catching
  • - Outline the specific action want people to take, in positive terms
  • - Be presented as close in time and space as possible to the action you want to encourage.

ShowerBoB shower timers offer that prompt.

Visit our 'for business' pages to find out how you can personalise your shower timer to help your message really stand out.

70% increase in water use

Did you know, we are using 70% more water than 30 years ago?  That's an average of 150 litres of water every day, each! 

It's not just the water being wasted and the energy used to heat that water in the home, but also the large amounts of energy needed to purify and pump that water to our homes and businesses too.

According to a recent study of 86,000 households by The Energy Saving Trust, Britain could save £215m just by shaving one minute off the average shower.  Hold on... with showers on average lasting 7 minutes, that's a saving of £645million if everyone used a ShowerBoB!

There are so many simple and cheap actions that you can take to cut down your water use, and one of the simplest is becoming aware of your shower time with a ShowerBoB.

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