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About Us

Who we are

Based in Chalford, Gloucestershire, we are a small business that encourages water and energy conservation through simple behavioural change.

Directors, Nigel Schermuly and Jonathan Topps set up BoB Products in 2003. Supported by Rachel Topps (marketing) and Karen McIlveen (logistics/distribution), the company has grown year on year, recently introducing the new ShowerBoB Twist.

What we do

We have created our unique ShowerBoB shower timers as a low-tech, well designed and functional device that can be used by anyone - helping people take steps to save water, save energy and money off household bills.

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Why we do it

Stanley spent too long in the shower. He inspired us to design and create the 4-minute ShowerBoB in response to our own family’s increasing water and energy bills. That opened our eyes to the other benefits of saving water, including the huge energy and carbon savings used when pumping, treating and heating that water. Rain or shine, ShowerBoB is becoming increasingly relevant in the UK and abroad.

What's special about us?

We help companies get their message across. Whether you want to encourage positive behavioural change, promote your green credentials or simply improve brand recognition, companies can personalise their ShowerBoB shower timer and packaging to help their message really stand out.

We treat our customers as we like to be treated ourselves. From mums buying ShowerBoBs for water-wasting teenagers to the UK's largest water company ordering hundreds of thousands of branded ShowerBoBs for a water-saving campaign... we promise to look after you.

Who we do it with

Our customers range from big brand names - Unilever, The Body Shop and Proctor & Gamble, to water companies - Thames Water, Southern Water and Scottish Water; as well as universities, charities, hotels, housing groups... People can also buy directly online, through our Amazon shop, or through a number of eco-outlets across the country.

Get in touch

Please contact either Nigel or Jonathan for any more information about our business or our products.

ShowerBoBs don't cost the earth, but they can count towards saving it.

ShowerBoB.  Timers that count.